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The Eating Disorders Task Force of Indiana is a nonprofit organization of multidisciplinary treatment professionals all working in the field of eating disorders.


We stand united in the knowledge that eating disorders are complex, multidimensional disorders that involve social-cultural, psychological, medical and nutritional factors.


We believe that treatment should be provided by professionals trained and experienced in the area of eating disorders and should address contributory factors in as many dimensions as possible.

We promote a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit and the ability to question societal values as crucial to counter our culture's excessive focus on appearance and weight. We see this as necessary both in treatment and in prevention activities for those who may be vulnerable.


Functions of our organization include:

Exchanging treatment information, identifying referral sources, discussing current issues relevant to the field, and promoting multidisciplinary expertise among task force members.

 Disseminating education information to the public in forms such as brochures, videos, workshops, and media information.

Providing informational and treatment resources in forms such as conferences, workshops, consultations, and use of print, computer, telecommunications, and other mediums.

Developing and distributing primary and secondary prevention resources within the state of Indiana.


Promoting ethical standards of practice for providers.

Advocating for patients and for treatment providers.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” 

Henry Ford
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